OFFICE CLOSURE: Ching Ming, or Qingming, is a special Chinese day for the remembrance of ancestors. Also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, 清明節 is a traditional festival that falls in the third lunar month of the Chinese calendar, which is usually in the first week of April and dates back around 2,500 years.

The Festival is a bank holiday in China and Hong Kong, which means our offices will be closed, so that our colleagues have the opportunity to remember and honour their ancestors.

Young and old, across China and the rest of the word, sweep tombs, pray and offer food, tea, wine, chopsticks, joss paper, and libations to their ancestors.

Traditionally, the family will burn spirit money and paper replicas of material goods such as cars, homes, phones and paper servants. In Chinese culture, it is believed that people still need all of those things in the afterlife.

The ceremony surrounding these involves the number three. Three bowls are often laid out with a set of chopsticks for each. The head of the family pours out wine on the grave then family members take turns to bow three times each to the headstone with their hands held together in a particular way. Following this, the food is shared together by the family in honour of the ancestor.

Public Holidays Mainland China 2018
5-7 April (8 April on duty)

Public Holiday Hong Kong 2018
5 April