Air freight capacity from Asia is at its tightest ever with freight forwarders and shippers struggling to find space. We may be able to assist if you need to get time-sensitive shipments despatched. The sooner you contact us, the earlier we can get your cargo booked.

We predicted in the Summer that this year’s Asia air freight spikes were likely to be particularly pronounced and that it was imperative for shippers to book early and to take the type of precautionary actions we take to avoid capacity shortages, longer transit times, delays and additional costs.

Shippers that have been unable to prepare, or have an unforeseen time-sensitive shipment are faced with high rates for seriously restricted air freight space.

Our offices in SE Asia, China and Hong Kong are particularly busy, reporting waits of 7-10 days for spot cargo, with carriers getting extremely choosy over the type of freight they are accepting, particularly with so much high-yielding eCommerce traffic in the market.

We expect November to continue in much the same way, with the market remaining tight until the week before Christmas, picking up again in the New Year after the holidays.

Our local offices monitor the carrier situation closely, so we know which carriers are fully-booked and those which may have capacity in the days and weeks ahead from each origin.

We also monitor connecting services and trucking to and from secondary airports, for shipments that have slightly longer transit time options.