We have been advised by our colleagues in Shanghai that local Customs officers are enforcing a stricter interpretation of markings on ocean export shipments.

If cargo bound for the UK – and other destinations – is selected for inspection Shanghai Customs expect the outer packaging be marked with the origin and country of destination.

We are not aware of any fines being imposed at this time, but non-compliant shipments will be held until Customs are happy, which means that shipping slots may be lost and additional costs incurred.

To illustrate. A consignment shipping to the UK should be marked:

The marked declaration is only required on the outermost packaging (i.e. not on inners) and need not be printed directly onto the packaging. A label is acceptable.

· Markings required for transport cartons (not inner cartons)
· Markings do not need to be printed on the cartons, shipper can print information on A4 paper and stick to the cartons.

What’s the easiest way to comply?
Answer: Supplier print origin and destination information on A4 paper and stick on the cartons

Is this applicable from all export ports?
Answer: Our experience is currently restricted to shipments ex Shanghai

Is it acceptable to only mark the outer transport box?
Answer: Yes, only required for Transport / Outer cartons

Any written notice or information available?
Answer: No official notice from customs, but it is being enforced locally, which is why recommend this action, to be safe in case your cargo is selected for inspection