In an effort to control local pollution levels Tianjin port have unilaterally imposed restrictions on vehicles accessing the port; a move that could negatively impact UK importers from the region.

The move is designed to block trucks emitting the most CO2, but will inevitably impact UK importers if the vehicle delivering their shipment into the port is not compliant.

Tianjin, China’s second-largest port by cargo volume, have been growing their share of containerised traffic since losing coal and steel cargos earlier in 2017, as part of the country’s battle with pollution.

Losing coal and steel traffic to the railway, the port are sensitive to their proximity to Beijing and the increased truck emissions that have followed their increased containerised traffic volumes.

It is most likely to be this sensitivity that has led Tianjin port to introduce stricter regulations, targeting emissions and protecting the local environment.

With immediate effect only trucks that meet the Vehicle National standard IV and V license will be permitted to access the port to deliver or collect containers.

Our local office has confirmed that trucks that do not meet the IV and V license requirements will be prohibited from the port and, as only a proportion of local haulage will be compliant, these developments will increase demand on a limited quantity of compliant vehicles and most likely see an increase in local collection and delivery costs.

We would recommend that customers plan ahead and make early bookings for transport.


  • Port will only accept trucks with IV and V license
  • The valid license must be shown to port officer
  • Effective now


  • What’s the easiest way to comply if shipper arrange haulage?

Answer: Shipper need to arrange transport by trucks that meet the regulations

  • What’s the easiest way to comply if NGL arrange haulage?

Answer: Our team will only book transport that comply with the new regulations

  • Is this applicable both for Pick-up and Delivery to the port ?

Answer: Yes, all transports to and from the port area

  • Any written notice or information available?

Answer: Yes, in Chinese language, copy can be obtained on request HERE