We believe that customers should get the fastest possible responses to rate requests: A recent survey of leading forwarders suggests we may be alone.

The survey of 20 leading forwarders studied their responses to quote requests and made some startling discoveries.

On average, it took seven hours for the forwarders to confirm receipt of the enquiry, when they bothered.

Of the twenty freight forwarding businesses studied, only nine responded to the quote request, and one of these took 35 days.

Just four forwarders followed up their quote and 30% failed to respond at all.

The average quote time was 9 hours and the fastest quote response was 30 hours.

We don’t believe that customers should chase their forwarder for their quote, which is why we always aim to respond to an enquiry in the shortest possible time.

For customers that use air freight services from the USA we provide door to door prices instantly!

We believe that what truly sets us apart is our commitment to our customers and a determination to deliver the highest levels of service.

We strive for excellence, integrity and dedication in all of our dealings.

We see every enquiry as an opportunity to grow our business and begin a relationship with a new customer or to reinforce our relationship with existing clients.

If an immediate response is not possible we acknowledge an enquiry within the hour and aim to issue all quotes in the shortest possible time.

It is our commitment to customers and an appreciation of the commercial pressures that they operate under that led us to develop this instant quoting capability.