Norman Global Logistics have been operating sea and air freight services to and from Mexico for over 10 years, with our local partner macargo and are gearing up for further growth as Brexit nears.

With the 2nd biggest economy in Latin America, Mexico’s market of 120 million is the same size as the whole of Western Europe, generating trade with the UK that exceeds USD 30 billion, and growing.


NGL’s Kevin McNamara with macargo’s Ferdinand-Kurt

There can be challenges when doing business in Mexico, which is why we help our customers build relationships with new clients and distributors.

With our local knowledge, we can help overcome language barriers, advising on legal and regulatory requirements, to ease the way to new sources of supply, and new customers.

The EU has long recognised the trading opportunities with Mexico, concluding their first trade deal in 2000, and latterly concluding a new free trade deal which will scrap high Mexican tariffs on European food and drinks, and allow EU firms to sell more services to Mexico.

The free trade agreement has been particularly welcomed by wine and food customers, who can export their products tariff free, increasingly shipping direct to the customer, with far less regulations.

Fashion customers, manufacturers and other shippers are also benefiting from the reduced customs duties and other barriers to trade, which mean they can offer their products at more attractive prices, which can be particularly important in the Latin American market, to keep pace with competition from the United States.

If you already deal with Mexico, or are considering it as a potential market or source, talk to us now for the best deals and advice.

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