The government has confirmed that the work of the freight sector is “essential” and that ALL supply chain workers need to continue to go about their business to keep ALL supply chains running.

There has been much uncertainty with regards to the government’s definition of ‘essential workers’ and how it applies to those working in supply chain.

This letter from the Department for Transport (DfT) to the trade associations, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and Freight Transport Association (FTA) confirms that the work of the logistics sector is “essential” and should continue to the greatest extent possible through the Covid-19 crisis.

The confirmation formalises the work that we are all doing to keep the economy moving and applies to ALL supplies chains, not only those for food and medical supplies.

We are aware of clients’ drivers having the validity of their journey questioned by authorities and would urge customers and shippers, to provide their drivers with a copy of the letter, so that it can be shown if needed.

The letter states:DfT Letter for Essential Workers in Logistics
“Haulage drivers, managers, warehouse staff and all other logistics professionals need to continue to go about their business to keep supply chains moving, and government policy is clear that this applies to all supplies chains and not only those for food and medical supplies.”

“All travel related to the operation of logistics businesses (including for instance necessary washing of vehicles or supply of spare parts) or necessary travel by logistics workers to places of work such as distribution centres is therefore to be considered ‘essential travel’ in the context of current restrictions. At all times workers should however follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing.”

Click HERE to download a copy of the letter