Invaluable for overseas exhibitions, trade shows, concerts and location photography, film or TV, the ATA Carnet is your ‘passport’ to temporarily move goods out of the UK, to the EU and other countries and simplify their return.

The ATA Carnet significantly reduces the difficulties and costs associated with taking goods overseas temporarily.

It is a physical document that minimises customs procedures, reduces border delays, avoids import tax and duties and because the Carnet is valid for up to a year, you can import and export your goods as many times as you want.

Without an ATA Carnet, it could take you many hours to pass through overseas customs, because you will need to complete full customs declarations, pay import taxes., relative to value and your goods may be subject to inspection to decide whether to allow them into the country or not. 

Every country/territory has a different process, so the length of time it takes to pass through borders will vary depending on where you are travelling to and their regimes.

Using an ATA Carnet greatly speeds up the process, as all documentation is prepared and ready for customs to inspect when you arrive, on the understanding that you will take all your goods or equipment back with you when you return home. The key principle of a carnet is that you must bring back what you take out.

An ATA carnet is valid for a maximum of one year and can be used on multiple journeys within that period. 

It must be stamped by the appropriate customs officials upon entry and exit of each country for which the carnet has been issued. 

Failure to do this may mean you have to pay customs duties or taxes, and even have your goods seized.

Carnet’s are issued by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and are subject to a security deposit, which may be between 30-40% of the value of the goods. 

Logicall operate a large ’rolling’ guarantee with the Chamber of Commerce, as security to cover the highest rate of duty and taxes, which the majority of our clients prefer to use.

Logicall provide a complete in-house ATA Carnet preparation service, covered by our continuing guarantee, for peace of mind.

In partnership with the London and Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, our ATA Carnet service is great value and so easy to use, because we can act as your representative and can also transport the goods covered in your Carnet.

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