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Is short-sea the ‘Dover solution

Short-sea European services and container ports across the UK have enough capacity to handle over 20% of Dover’s trailer volumes, avoiding post-Brexit congestion at the ferry port and potentially slashing costs by up to 50%…….but is it that simple……..

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Brexit guidance: Selling manufactured goods

If the UK should eventually leave the EU with no-deal, any goods requiring certification and placed on the market prior to the exit date, will be able to stay in circulation, however different regulations may apply to different products.

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You can now follow us on Facebook

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Norman global Logistics Facebook Page, to share breaking news and expand our global network of customers, followers, carriers and vendors.

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Rail strike threat to European freight

The UK’s biggest rail freight carrier is attempting to avert a strike, that could potentially mean even more transport problems as we prepare to leave the European Union.

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No-deal defers duty payments to October

We review the latest HMRC developments, in particular the no-deal Brexit border processes that have been updated to expedite movements through Ro/Ro ports and simplify many importing processes.

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Pre-Brexit delays in France

We anticipate further delays at Eurotunnel, Calais and surrounding ports, as industrial action by French customs officials, over a no-deal Brexit, is expected to continue until at least the 3rd April.

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nQuote in the news

Despite the wave of forwarder digitalisation sweeping across the industry, Norman Global Logistics believe that customer relationships and knowledge will remain critical in effective freight forwarding.

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Preparing for a no-deal Brexit

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) has advised Norman Global Logistics, and other BIFA members, to prepare our customers and shippers for a disorderly British departure from the EU on 29 March, until further clarity is obtained.

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87% of no-deal Brexit imports to be tariff free

The temporary tariff announced yesterday, which would go into place after 29th March if there is a no-deal Brexit, includes increases to ‘sensitive’ products, to protect selected UK sectors.

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nQuote gives you the power

We believe that shipping should be simple, which is why Norman Global Logistics is creating visibility, supply chain and online freight quote tools that put the power in your hands, starting with nQuote.

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