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CMA CGM announce Felixstowe surcharge

Despite the Port of Felixstowe apologising to customers for the “inconvenience” of the current congestion, we have yet to see any improvement and CMA CGM has become the first line to introduce a Port Congestion Surcharge – in the amount of USD150/TEU effective 1st October 2020 – for all containers arriving/departing Felixstowe.

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Stefan’s Asia insights

A new week started at full speed. We are shipping cargo and navigating a situation where equipment and vessel space from Asia’s main ports continues to be extremely challenging with rates reaching new heights.

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Disruption at Felixstowe

Import volumes at Felixstowe have been 30% higher than usual in recent weeks, leading to severe congestion at the port, which has impacted road and rail transport and with port efficiency further diminished by the COVID crisis vehicle booking slots are not currently being issued, the restitution of empty containers has been interrupted and some vessels are omitting or diverting from the port.

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China supply chain issues resolved, with our VIP service

Sea freight volumes from Asia have been improving steadily since the COVID-19 lockdowns of April and May, confounding shipping lines that have been blanking sailings in the expectation of low demand from battered economies and mostly in recession.

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China exporters under pressure

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) has been Asia’s primary newspaper and portal for more than a century, which is why being called on by SCMP journalists for our expertise in these challenging times is such an accolade.

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National Day Golden Week 2020

The ‘National Day Golden Week (黄金周)’ in China, is a semi-annual 7-day or 8-day national holiday, implemented in 2000.

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Shanghai; the world’s busiest container port

Located in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province on the eastern China coastline, at the tip of the Yangtze River, it is one of the first Chinese ports opened to foreign trade.

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Polish rail freight update

With Belt & Road initiative, rail freight from China to Europe has seen double-digit volume growth.

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Ningbo-Zhoushan Port

Located in Zhejiang Province, at the heart of the Silk Road Economic Belt, Ningbo port is one of the busiest ports in China.

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LCL Services for SME Shippers

Small/midsize shippers are vital clients for Norman Global Logistics. LCL is a popular service option for many small and medium-sized enterprises, providing the benefit of Speed, high flexibility for Cost and Inventory control.

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