In response to expected low demand after the Chinese New year holidays in China, primary carriers have announced blank sailings.

Blank sailing around the Chinese New Year period catch many shippers out, when demand falls away after the holiday, resulting in many blanked sailings.

Blanked sailings are an attempt to reduce supply to match the lower demand levels experienced during the holiday and the weeks after. A blank sailing is one that will be skipping a port or its entire string of port calls to be canceled.

If a shipper has the misfortune of having cargo scheduled on a blank sailing, we automatically re-book onto the next available sailing.

Subject to the client’s approval, we review alternative services with priority on the fastest transit options, which may catch up or even overtake the original vessel.


Asia – Europe
Many blanked sailings announced, a summary of January & February blanked sailings to Northern Europe per graphic (click to enlarge). Further blank sailings also announced for March.

Trade carriers plan to blank a record number of sailings from January 25th. The blank sailings on the Trans-Pacific trade is the highest seen in seven years, reports IHS Media.

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