To ensure that we can support our clients, Norman Global Logistics have been preparing for the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal on the 29th March 2019.

What we do for our customers

  • Provide guidance to maintain shipping integrity
  • Calculate the cashflow implication of any changes to VAT and Duty
  • Contingency planning for your supply chain
  • Engage with trade and regulatory authorities for key decisions

What we are doing

  • Updated AEO so we are positioned for expedited services
  • Ensuring systems are ready for product code changes and have the capability to accept increased customs requirements and declarations
  • DTI authorisation for customs entry submission at any UK port
  • Increased deferment facilities with HMRC to handle the increased number of declarations and bonded shipments
  • Investigating short-sea container and intermodal service options
  • Exploring alternative port pairings in case of Dover/Eurotunnel delays

Your Brexit Checklist

  • Identify customs classification codes
  • Consider likely duty rates and calculate cashflow implications
  • Apply for EORI if necessary
  • Understand and map your European Supply Chain
  • Identify high risk lanes and potential choke points and develop solutions
  • Identify possible products for buffer storage