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Brexit guidance: Selling manufactured goods

If the UK should eventually leave the EU with no-deal, any goods requiring certification and placed on the market prior to the exit date, will be able to stay in circulation, however different regulations may apply to different products.

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Rail strike threat to European freight

The UK’s biggest rail freight carrier is attempting to avert a strike, that could potentially mean even more transport problems as we prepare to leave the European Union.

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No-deal defers duty payments to October

We review the latest HMRC developments, in particular the no-deal Brexit border processes that have been updated to expedite movements through Ro/Ro ports and simplify many importing processes.

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Pre-Brexit delays in France

We anticipate further delays at Eurotunnel, Calais and surrounding ports, as industrial action by French customs officials, over a no-deal Brexit, is expected to continue until at least the 3rd April.

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nQuote in the news

Despite the wave of forwarder digitalisation sweeping across the industry, Norman Global Logistics believe that customer relationships and knowledge will remain critical in effective freight forwarding.

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87% of no-deal Brexit imports to be tariff free

The temporary tariff announced yesterday, which would go into place after 29th March if there is a no-deal Brexit, includes increases to ‘sensitive’ products, to protect selected UK sectors.

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WCA Singapore

Our Asia team attended a very successful WCA conference in Singapore earlier this month, to network with partners across the region, gain industry insights and showcase our latest technology products.

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HMRC outline new Brexit process

Plans to phase in Entry Summary Declarations if the UK leaves the EU without a deal are announced by the government.

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WCA worldwide conference

Norman Global Logistics Asia is attending the 11th annual WCA conference in Singapore next week, to network with partners across the region and showcase our latest technology.

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Simplified customs in case of ‘no-deal’ Brexit

HMRC have written to all UK businesses that currently trade with the European Union to outline new procedures that will take effect in the event of a no-deal Brexit and the actions they need to take in advance of the March deadline.

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