Our free Compliview reporting system provides users with a comprehensive view of their importing activity over any period, together with financial summaries of liabilities, classification, value build up and duty rates.

An HMRC compliance check can be random, but it’s more likely to be the result of errors in your declarations.

HMRC take a dim view of errors and can impose penalties of 30% of the tax due, which can be increased to 100% if they believe there was a deliberate attempt to conceal the error.

Norman Global Logistics (NGL) are committed to helping our clients avoid any problems or HMRC penalties, by ensuring that their import record-keeping is accurate, complete and compliant should HMRC implement an audit on them at any time in the future.

Compliview is an automated reporting system that evolved from reporting capabilities developed during our successful AEO accreditation.

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Coupled with the NGL Webtrack system clients can view and download copies of Customs documents for individual shipments, which is critical when the clients own archiving system has not been sufficient to meet HMRC enquiries for evidence of import compliance.

Complivew is provided free of charge to Norman Global Logistics clients and can be adapted to meet customised requirements, including their own AEO application.

Users can elect to receive hard-copy or electronic formats to upload into their ERP systems.

Norman Global Logistics can also interface with client systems to exchange the information by EDI.


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