As the Chinese authorities expand the extended CNY holidays up to the 9th February for a further 12 regions and provinces, 25 major coastal and river box ports, including Shanghai, have announced that they would waive storage charges for loaded containers during the extended holidays period from the 24th January to the 9th February. WE ROUND UP THE SITUATION BY MODE, ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

With the exceptions of Wuhan, Chinese ports continue to operate, with vessels being worked and some container flows, though haulage is an issue.

A number of airlines have cancelled, suspended or reduced flights into and out of country which, is reducing available belly-hold volume and there have been rail freight delays, as well as cancellations from Xian, Chongqing and Xiamen.

We would urge shippers with orders pending in China, to contact us without delay, so we can explore the best options to ship your cargo. Alternative shipping methods, routes and even modes are available now and will become critical as demand spikes, when the Chinese factories re-open.

Download NGL coronavirus freight update

We outline in the tables below (and in the downloadable PDF) the current situation by mode across the country.

Events are changing constantly and we are monitoring closely so that we can update our advice, as developments occur. It is not possible for us to report every change as it happens, which is why we recommend contacting us directly, if you have questions relating to the current situation.

Your Coronavirus action checklist

√ Check orders planned for shipping during February & March
√ Identify and inform NGL or your forwarder and factory of urgent cargoes
√ Consider alternate shipping modes
√ Expect further blank sailings and reduced air capacity as the effect of factories closed for an extended period
√ Once factories are back in operation, the market is likely to receive peak demand with space shortage

Air freight situation

Sea freight situation

Rail freight situation