DOWNLOAD a PDF of our Credit application Form to fill in off-line, or complete and submit the form below for our immediate attention.

  • Application acceptance is only permitted after acceptance of terms and conditions by an authorised officer

All forwarding business conducted by NORMAN GLOBAL LOGISTICS LIMITED is undertaken subject to the standard trading conditions of the British International Freight Association (BIFA). All warehousing services are provided subject to the standard trading conditions of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA). Copies of each are enclosed. Your attention is drawn to the UKWA clause 3(i) and BIFA clause 11(A) which state that no insurance is provided by us for the goods while in transit or in storage.

We acknowledge receipt of these conditions and agree that all transactions between us will be subject to these terms and conditions.We understand that all import declarations made to Customs on our behalf will be by Direct Representation.

We further agree to pay all Duty and/or VAT invoices rendered by cleared funds in advance of delivery unless alternative arrangements have been confirmed in writing. All other invoices will be paid no later than the month end following the month of invoice date.