With 550,000 additional declarations every day from the 1st January 2021 and 145,000 businesses submitting declarations for the first time, the potential to crash border systems is very real. Taking action now can protect your supply chain.

The Brexit extension deadline is approaching and any request for the two year extension needs to be submitted by the 30th June.

The UK government has repeatedly stated that the transition period will NOT be extended and it is the case that delaying further serves no real purpose, when businesses need certainty, whatever the outcome.

This all means that – whether or not a a trade agreement is reached with the EU – new Customs processes will be required from the 1st January 2021, generating an additional 550,000 Customs declarations per day!

The government is massively short of the 50,000 customs agents required and capacity is not ready for a five-fold increase in the volume of daily transactions

Much of the declaration documentation is repetitive, which means that once the first submission is done, subsequent repetitions will be smoother.

As there are potentially 145,000 companies that will be submitting declarations for the first time, there is a very real fear that the border process could crash under the weight of ‘first time’ submissions in January, February and probably beyond.

It can take an hour to compile the data and info required to complete a first-time entry, but once we have the basic template established, subsequent submissions can be completed in minutes.


If we have not submitted a customs entry for you, for a non-EU import, you can avoid Brexit delays by sending us the data outlined below so we can verify your needs and create the templates that will be used when the process goes live.

Your EORI number
Commodity codes
Deferment preference (if duty applies)

In addition to setting up your post-Brexit template, our Customs experts can guide you through a thorough audit of your situation, to include flow forecasts, Incoterms, origin confirmation and classification implications, to ensure that you totally prepared for the changes being triggered on the 1st January

There is no charge for setting up your declaration template and it may even be possible to reduce or defer your tax liabilities.