Consumers in Guangzhou can now easily purchase and enjoy imported fresh food, fruits such as bananas, oranges and pineapples in local supermarkets, on the very same day they arrive in Guangzhou.

In 2017, Guangzhou customs started to implement a series of new measures to enhance customs efficiency and shorten the processing time for import/export. The customs clearance for imported goods is approximately 15 hours, and the processing time is reduced by over 40% compared to 2016. Likewise, the clearance for exported goods takes less than an hour, about 45 minutes, 56% faster than in 2016. When the simple measures were first launched, there were more than 22,000 foreign trading companies benefited from these, hence saved production cost of RMB 28 million, in the first eight months.

Guangzhou plays an important role in China’s economy, the convenience of efficient customs clearance procedures stimulates business and investment climate and also provides a seamless experience to trading companies.