National Day is held annually on the 1st October, to celebrate the founding of the People’s Republic of China and also starts the seven day Golden Week festival, including parades, ceremonies, and other displays.

These national holidays were first started in 1999 to help expand the domestic tourism market and improve the national standard of living, as well as allowing people to make long-distance family visits. 

Factories will be closed for the holiday week, which can be longer as surrounding weekends are re-arranged so that workers have seven or eight continuous days of holiday, with operations resuming on the day after the holiday.

In the run up to the holidays, factories will rush to finish production and make pre-Golden Week sailings before workers leave, which traditionally further constrains freight space (which is already very tight during peak season) and drives up prices for both ocean and air freight.

Trucking services will be in higher demand and it’s common to see higher prices for trucking at origin and while we would normally expect to see blank sailings immediately after Golden Week, as carriers seek to optimise vessel utilisation, this year the carriers have massive bookings backlogs.

Despite the booking backlog and the sustained demand we are experiencing, there are unconfirmed reports that Maersk and MSC have cancelled four scheduled Asia-North Europe loops in weeks 39 and 40, thereby removing some 70,000 teu of capacity in the last week of September and first week of October.

We are monitoring the situation closely and would urge you to share your forecasts with us as soon as you can, book shipments ahead of time and contact us, if you have urgent or critical consignments.

Norman Global Logistics offices in China and Hong Kong will close for National Day Holiday Mid-Autumn Festival:

1-7 October 2021 (Friday to Thursday)
The office resumes operation on 8 October 2021 (Friday)

Hong Kong:
The day following Mid-Autumn Festival – 22 September 2021 (Wednesday).
National Day – 1 October 2021 (Friday)

You can contact us in the UK as normal, or EMAIL our Asia team in an emergency.