Plans to phase in Entry Summary Declarations if the UK leaves the EU without a deal are announced by the government.

If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government announced on Tuesday 19 February plans to phase in pre-arrival Entry Summary Declarations for EU imports, which means that easy border crossing will be temporarily maintained as carriers will not need to submit Entry Summary Declarations on imports for six months.

Currently Entry Summary Declarations are only required for imports outside the EU and will continue to apply for trade from the rest of the world.

The measure is designed to give business more time to prepare for changes to EU-UK trade arrangements in the event that the UK leaves without a deal.

This development builds on the plans that Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP) can be used for at least 15 months for customs declarations.

As above, the new rules only apply to goods coming from the EU, and are intended to maintain the status quo for carriers.

Importers will still be required to submit import declarations for customs purposes – which are not the same as Entry Summary Declarations

HMRC announced ways of making these import declarations easier, through Transitional Simplified Procedures on 4 February 2019.

After the six-month transitional period, carriers will be legally responsible for ensuring Entry Summary Declarations are submitted pre-arrival to HMRC at the time specified by mode of transport.

A Readiness Task Force in preparation for EU Exit is being recruited and Border Force is on track to increase staff headcount by 900 at the end of March 2019. Border Force will continue to carry out intelligence-led inspections and checks.

The UK’s approach to dangerous goods coming into the UK is not affected.

The briefings are the latest stage in HMRC’s co-ordinated efforts to make sure traders are prepared for all Brexit outcomes.