The shipping industry is acting to reduce missions, as the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) pressure ship owners to take prompt measures to meet emission goals by 2020.

Global shipping is liable for around 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to one of the world’s largest polluting countries for carbon dioxide. By 1 Jan 2020, ships must significantly cut sulphur emissions, for more than 60,000 vessels.

The shipping industry is developing new tools to adjust sulfur level, including the transfer to new low-sulfur fuel mixes and energy combination.

The IMO target for ship operators to enhance fuel efficiency by 30% by 2025 and cut down greenhouse gas emission level in 2008 by half to 2050.

Commercial vessels usually last for 20-25 years, shipbuilders are looking into hull-designs, hybrid propulsion systems, intending to launch zero-emission vessels by 2030.