Roll clamp for paper reels lo resComplementary to our extensive timber experience NGL also manage the transportation of paper products, as bulk reel, palletised and conventional boxed product.

Our Asian and UK freight hubs are configured for the safe handling and throughput of paper products.

Handling bulk reel paper requires the specialised roll-clamp equipment deployed at our hubs and which – critically – are calibrated correctly and have the specially trained operators that are required to  safely handle the reels.

Paper reels are sensitive to damage from moisture,soling and pressure dame from the weight of stacked reels, which is why the flooring throughout our hubs is kept clean, dry, free of moisture and any forms of temporary repairs.
paper reels 2

  • Roll-clamp trucks and lifts
  • Moisture free storage
  • Clean/dry flooring
  • Bond and non-bond