While the port of Felixstowe has been highlighting recent performance improvements to 80%, Maersk has announced two services are moving to Liverpool.

The line has already been omitting Felixstowe calls on an ad-hoc basis due to severe delays at the port since it installed a new terminal operating system in June. A stance confirmed in their statement.

“Unfortunately, Felixstowe terminal is suffering from slow operations caused by IT system issues. In order to protect our service integrity, we will be moving our 2M TA2 and COEX services from Felixstowe to Liverpool for a duration of 12 weeks.”

Felixstowe’s struggle with performance issues, has particularly hit the loading of export containers.

The move will come as a boost to Liverpool, which has been striving to attract container lines to its £400m deepwater Liverpool 2 container terminal, which opened in 2016.

Liverpool 2 owner Peel Ports has long campaigned that it is an ideal export terminal, particularly for transatlantic cargoes, and the 2M alliance’s move is effectively giving it a three-month trial run to prove itself.

Separately, the 2M alliance has introduced a restructuring of its North Atlantic services as it seeks to improve schedule reliability.

From the end of August it will be adding a new string to the network and adjusting the existing three string in an effort to offer better port pair coverage.