Times may be challenging, but there are some massive exporting opportunities for ambitious exporters that have the right support, to convert these opportunities into profit across Asia, North America and Mexico.

With so much economic, trade and Brexit turmoil, it is easy to believe that the best strategy to adopt is a defensive one, waiting for less challenging times.

This would be a big mistake.

Because Brexit and the US/China trade wars are offering switched-on exporters the chance to access new markets and develop valuable commercial relationships.

Ready to help you are the dedicated export teams at all our UK offices, plus our established routes and long-standing partners at all the major exporting destinations.


In response to the continuing trade issues with the US, China has lowered tariffs on exports from the UK significantly, encouraging thousands of Chinese importers, who previously imported from the US, to actively seek new sources of supply from the UK.

Talk to us now. Our Asia colleagues can introduce you to potential new customers.

United States

The US has long been the UK’s number one export market and is our biggest overall trading partner, after the EU bloc, which is why we have the widest choice of daily services, transits and rates, to and from destinations across the United States.

And immediately below the US, with the 2nd biggest economy in Latin America, Mexico’s market of 120 million is the same size as the whole of Western Europe, generating trade with the UK that exceeds USD 30 billion, and growing.


There can be challenges when doing business in Mexico, which is why we help our customers build relationships with new clients and distributors.

With our local knowledge, we can help overcome cultural and regulatory barriers, to help our customers build relationships with new clients and distributors in the United States and Mexico.

The UK has already agreed 12 post-Brexit deals, bringing the total agreement rate to 63% of trade covered by EU deals. with more in the pipeline.