2020 will be a Happy New Year for NGL shippers, with new visibility and automated reporting tools, designed to make their shipping even easier.

We understand how valuable accurate and timely information is to shippers, which is why we are introducing new tools and enhancements to our supply chain visibility platform, to provide real-time carrier updates, one-click consignment status and automated reporting.

NGL is completing the roll of new daily automated tracking reports, that give importers and exporters one-click access online status to all their current shipments.

Which means that NGL customers do not have to waste time searching through their InBox, or calling for updates, because they have a simple summary of all the most important supply chain milestones in one place.

The client’s daily report is their ‘control tower’ dashboard, providing a simple view of their NGL managed supply chain, showing the current status of every shipment booked, or on the move.

This automated report is much more than accurate shipment tracking, with direct one-click links into the carriers’ and NGL’s systems, for the latest updates and detailed information, including tracking history.

NGL also give every customer a secure repository for their shipping documents, reassurance for the future.

Three full years of historic HMRC declarations and associated documentation are available to download, so that in the event of a customs compliance check, we can provide the documentation and evidence HMRC require, to keep our customers compliant and penalty free.