In a recent global survey, 60% of supply chain managers confirmed that they had been significantly impacted by the pandemic and 68% agreed that technology is critical in protecting their supply chains.

Without accurate, real-time visibility of the extended supply chain, shippers could not clarify their situation, identify potential issues or react to unexpected events. Leading to the disruption that the survey identified and resulting in higher costs and inefficient use of resources.

In a global crisis, supply chain visibility is critical in understanding your situation, the impact of the disruption, how it will affect you and your options to resolve.

Delivered directly into shippers’ InBox, Norman Global Logistics shipment summary reporting, provides status updates for every consignment, across 16 key supply chain milestones, with the option to drill down to detailed real-time data.

The shipment summary report provides a gateway, directly into shipping line and air line computer systems, to access real-time information and data that is 100% reliable and unavailable elsewhere.

At any time NGL shippers can view the current status of every shipment booked, on the move and arrived.

  • Tracking map with the real-time location
  • Track carriers’ delivery status
  • Cargo milestones
  • Document handling
  • Statistics and historical data

And for those particularly important consignments, shippers can elect to receive auto-alerts, as each supply chain milestones’ status is updated.