Scrap metal shipping company

Norman Global Logistics have a dedicated team based in our Liverpool office that manage the supply chains of many of the UK’s leading recyclers, acting as a scrap metal shipping company, importing and exporting scrap metal to and from the UK and global destinations.

We specialise in the containerised shipment of all grades of scrap metal from the UK to destinations throughout the Far East and Indian Sub-Continent, dealing with import documentation requirements and arranging on-delivery to final destination if required.Scrap metal shipping company

We leverage decades of trading with the major shipping lines we get the best rates and space agreements for our clients needs, which is particularly important when there are space pressures, or you are shipping to and from some of the more difficult-to-service markets.

Access to container loaders and bespoke container loading facilities mean that we can handle the largest tonnages of copper, brass, steel or mixed metal.

Acting as your Scrap Metal shipping company we provide

  • Complete discretion
  • Cost-per-ton supply chain solutions
  • Product-specific materials handling equipment
  • Dedicated team of recycling experts
  • Guaranteed space with selected carriers
  • Customs regime management

To learn more EMAIL Nick Brannan or call him on +44 (0)7880 197693

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