For Western importers who obtain their goods from different suppliers across one country/region, we offer cost-effective transport and economic load building via our Buyers Consolidation service.

NGLs offices in Asia manage consolidation programmes at own hubs, converting individual LCL consignments into cost-effective FCLs and also undertake 20’ to 40’ unit conversations at factory premises.

To safeguard product flow and supply chain performance; we work closely with suppliers to ensure that the most economic equipment is utilised and loaded correctly.

Our objective is to make the supply chain more effective, minimise transport costs and reduce the risk of loss or damage

  • Control of inbound volumes
  • Regular load updates for importer
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Regional consolidation HUB’s
  • LCL to FCL conversion
  • 20 unit to 40 unit conversation at multi factory loading
  • Loading management with options to cross docking and store door deliveries