Slow steaming and the importance of visibility, with extended transit time, visibility is more critical than ever. Learn more about the slow steaming effects, actions and services to secure your supply chain performance.

A recent survey by Drewry Supply Chain Advisors revealed that over 80% of shippers experienced cargo delays during the last quarter, highlighting the importance of visibility for your supply chain.

In response to the financial conditions, vessels are using slow steaming to reduce bunker consumption and pollution. Most carriers adopt this strategy to save costs, i.e. when a ship reduces speed by 10%, the engine can operate with 30% lesser output of power.

This cost-saving measure has become standard in the industry, also as a measure to reach IMO goals. Reducing speed by 10% will produce nearly 20% lesser carbon dioxide.

Slow steaming extends cargo transit time, meaning goods will need a longer time for transportation over the oceans.

Protect your Supply Chain

Visibility is critical to protect your supply chain. The online tools by NGL enable you to manage your logistics with efficiency and transparency.

Professional operators and IT tools work together to increase visibility in your supply chain, all your orders assembled with a clear overview and full access to:

  • Order status
  • Bookings status
  • Shipment tracking

Efficient delivered directly into your InBox, Norman Global Logistics shipment reporting provides you status updates for every consignment, across 16 key milestones. You can quickly drill down to detailed data.
Our system supports you to:

  • View the current status of every shipment booked
  • Order status and booking situation
  • Planned schedules
  • Tracking with the real-time location
  • Receive milestones summary

Share volume forecasts and plan for expected lead-time based on the latest present situation.

Talk to our team on how we can provide transparency and updates from the market. Our team can address your needs through specific trade lanes. Contact us for demo and details.

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