NGL Asia’s managing director, Stefan Holmqvist, shares some thoughts and insights.

Today we have a rest day here in Hong Kong (a few more for our lucky colleagues in China) when we celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, and I look forward to a day to relax and recharge my batteries, to keep on delivering.

While it’s good to recuperate, I still look forward to each new working day, to service our clients and move their products to destinations around the globe.

Freight continues to play a vital role in supply chains, as the world gets back to business, and more firms see their sales increase again. Goods need to move to meet growing demand.

This year all our planning has been turned upside down and I’m sure many of you experienced a similar situation as me. I more or less had to put all the planning the shelf, because of the pandemic, adjusting all our work plans as the situation evolved.

The last months have been the most intense I ever experienced in my career, but not all bad by any means. There were many positive developments – when one door closes another opens.

We have connected with several new clients and partners and started new relationships and activities, which is excellent, because we strive to raise our views and keep moving forward.

“To stand still means going backward.”

Consistently developing our service, is an essential factor in moving forward and is a critical entrepreneurial success factor.

So, while the last few months have been manic, carrying essential goods and navigating the challenging global conditions, we have also increased our digital presence.

Launching new online tools, starting our blog, holding our first podcast and updating our knowledge hub – I hope it will provide you some useful tips.

The long-term view is essential to deliver strategic objectives, but so is having fun at work, which is why events like the Dragon Boat Festival are so good.

In closing, I thought I would share some links below, which are particularly informative and useful.

Stefan Holmqvist
Managing Director
Norman Global Logistics Asia

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