Industry-press brings dull messages of lower demand, normalizing rates, high inventories, and weak quarters ahead.

In reality, the market has always faced changes. Just during the pandemic, it was volatile changes, rates going from low to high, long delays, and demand going from zero to high.

A long-term solid company must deliver value to clients in all market conditions. We need competence, service, and innovation – to create value in the best interests of our clients no matter the present market conditions, just as it should be in all industries!

To be strong in the long term is not about performing in one set of market conditions. A good company performs in all market conditions, no matter if rates and demand are high or low at the moment. Any company can be profitable and successful in “easy market conditions” but for long-term growth, we must deliver value to clients in all market conditions.

No matter how the market develops in the coming period, business is still done every day and clients need to move cargo with professional service. In challenging times and changing conditions, good companies continue to develop – Business is done every day, and tomorrow is when the companies of the future are born.

We do our utmost to develop ourselves, our solutions, and our value to our clients.
I wish you all a great Monday and a great week ahead.


Stefan Holmqvist is Managing Director of Norman Global Logistics Asia