Most businesses struggle to verify new Chinese suppliers and for many, it is the biggest problem they face when looking at importing products from the country.

There are many scams, fakes, and bad suppliers to avoid. Which is why we help you make sure that you’re doing business with a legitimate supplier, vendor, manufacturer or trading company and not a fake.

We work with our local team and partners to provide effective Chinese supplier verification that focuses on two essential questions:

1. Does the supplier have the ability to produce the products you want to buy

2. Are they a legitimate business with a good reputation and financial base

NGL’s supplier verification service minimises risk and protects your business, by providing the answers to these questions.

Efficient and discreet checks of vendors and partners, across three key areas, that ensure they are genuine.


Chinese suppliers have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. We confirm the registration number with their local administrative government or Bureau of Industry Commerce.


We research backgrounds of senior leaders, outline all companies in the group (including other companies under control of the principals), search for legal issues in China, negative media reports, and for records in criminal databases.


We can conduct site visits and validate production capabilities, which means that you can tell potential suppliers that you will have their factory audited before any Purchase Order is issued.

Two levels of reports verify the identity and background of your potential supplier partner, before making payments, or entering into contracts.

Supplier Verification – USD 225

  • Verify company registration, registered address
  • Basic company history
  • Company profile
  • Current legal issues registered with the AIC

Due Diligence – USD 550

  • Verify company registration, registered address
  • Detailed company history
  • Company profile
  • Current legal issues registered with the AIC
  • Company and principal owners litigation search
  • Reputational red flags
  • List of related companies in the group
  • List of owner’s other companies

Supplier Verification

Protect your business and reputation by verifying your Chinese suppliers

Conducting due diligence does not insulate your company completely from fraud and dishonesty, but it adds a protective layer that gives you control over who you choose to do business with.