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The Belt and Road Initiative

Interesting article in the Dragon News, of The Belt and Road Initiative, the New Silk Road. Filled with facts and views of this gigantic project.

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Massive exporting opportunities

Times may be challenging, but there are some massive exporting opportunities for ambitious exporters that have the right support, to convert these opportunities into profit across Asia, North America and Mexico.

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Shipping line to quit China Europe route

The forecast slowdown in trade demand in 2019 and more new container ships due on the Asian trade, has already seen increased use of slow steaming, ship idling, blank sailings, and exhaust scrubbers to absorb additional capacity, and it is now announced that APL, will exit the Asia-Europe trade altogether.

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The world’s busiest ports

The World Economic Forum estimate that 90% of world trade moves by sea, and as global trade continue to increase, the busiest ports continue to grow, with 9 of the top 20 in China – and NGL freight centres at five!

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