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Shanghai planning June reopening

The severe lockdown, which has been in place for more than two months may finally be coming to a gradual end, with some public transport and other services already resuming and the 1st June the target date for lifting lockdown.

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May freight market update @ 9th May

All China ports are operating, while facing a variety of local COVID control measures and the prospect of lockdown with short notice. Some critical road infrastructure is not available and strict rules for the testing of drivers is limiting transport capacity in many areas, impacting operations and adding to costs in many regions.

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Dealing with Shanghai lockdown

We are working closely with our local offices to help shippers avoid weeks of disruption after Shanghai entered nine days of COVID lockdown yesterday.

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China: COVID/supply chain update @ 29th March

As China’s latest COVID peak continues to impact supply chains and transportation infrastructure, Hong Kong will lift flight suspensions on nine countries from the 1st April and Shenzen has ended its seven day lockdown, but a nine-day lockdown has been imposed in Shanghai and people told to work from home, because of a massive surge in new infections.

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China: COVID/supply chain latest

As China’s COVID cases jump Hong Kong extends flight suspensions, Shenzen announces  a seven day lockdown and Shanghai Pudong airport is closing to inbound passenger flights.

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Ningbo port braces after COVID-19 outbreak

Ningbo container port, the world’s largest, has maintained steady operations during the latest COVID-19 outbreak, with ten cases reported over the weekend, at a clothing factory in the district of Beilun, which homes several of the port’s busiest terminals.

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December market report and Omicron threat to supply chains

Global supply chains have been under intense and sustained pressure for close on two years, with every likelihood of no let up, until well into 2022….and now the Omicron variant may pose even more challenges.

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MARKET REPORT NOVEMBER : Supply chains continue to struggle with impact of pandemic

The impact of the COVID pandemic has shone a spotlight on the global supply chain and the challenges in keeping goods moving efficiently along it, with disruption likely to continue well into 2022 and some expectation that its impact may be felt into 2023.

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COVID forces Ningbo container terminal closure

Operations at a terminal in the world’s largest port were suspended today, following a single case of COVID being detected on a 34-year-old worker.

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Yantian port reopens

First announced at a news briefing by Hu Zhaoyang, the deputy head of the government of Yantian district and now confirmed in an announcement from the terminal, Shenzhen’s Yantian port area (YICT) will largely resume normal operations from 00:00 on the 24th June.

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