It will never be perfect, it’s always easy to wait, to search for more option, information or wait to be better, but guess what, it will never be perfect.

To go forward we need to get started, stop waiting for the perfect and get going, no matter from what level we start we will learn and develop along the way.

Stefan Holmqvist, Managing Director, Norman Global Logistics Asia

Stefan Holmqvist

Never stop to dream of the better solutions, keep going, talk to clients, vendors, staff and be prepared to listen, work to improve and deliver.

Looking back for the remainder of 2019 and planning for 2020, we have an exciting period ahead. We continue to develop our competence, technology, and solutions to deliver at the top for all clients.

As long as we do not have 100% of the market we can always improve, this is a challenge me and our team takes on with commitment. To develop, launch and refine new solutions, we want to make a difference for our clients.

The limit of our company and the clients we can serve is not limited by any genetics. Seldom do we people or companies have a limit to our maximum potential due to genetics, “most of the time, it is motivation, commitment, and work” to chase and reach for our potential.

Development and services are not projects, they are to take action and to continuously work with refinement.

Stefan Holmqvist
Managing Director
Norman Global Logistics Asia