With newly charged batteries and new targets, I’m looking forward to the second half of the year ahead and excited to share our journey with you!

A period of travel to meet clients, colleagues, partners, and family. A lot of very good work meetings with several new contacts which have given me new knowledge & friends as well as days with family.
I have enjoyed both the work meetings and the family meetings, both giving me energy.

In our work, the environment is constantly changing and developing, to succeed in our entrepreneurial & professional journey I believe it’s needed to learn how we can recharge ourselves. We may have different ways to do so and we have to find our own way. Our wellbeing, our family and our business are depending on us all doing our best. We are now preparing for the second half of the year with many new projects and high targets to achieve. We have new people joining us, new partnerships ready and new developments for our online services.

Furthermore than to work for our clients I want our work to make us proud of our achievements and our company;
• I want us to be proud of our NGL team
• Myself to be proud of my results
• My family and my kids to be proud of me and our NGL

Stefan Holmqvist
Managing Director
Norman Global Logistics Asia