The United States is the UK’s biggest single trade partner and with over 60% of that trade moving by air freight, it is critical that shippers ensure they consistently receive the best US air freight rates and have the most effective solutions in place for air imports and air exports.

Many shippers dealing with the United States make the fundamental mistake that US air freight rates on the market are stable and all service providers offer similar solutions.

The fact is that air freight supply chains are very dependent on prevailing freight rates and operational efficiency, because the most effective rates are worthless if the supporting operations are not consistently efficient.

And the stability of US air freight rates is largely illusory.

This analysis of the last three years, by TAC Index, clearly shows how the market moves, with regular sharp spikes and drops, that have caught out unprepared shippers.

The fact is you need a provider like Norman Global who negotiate carrier contracts that protect you from sudden increases and track the market for rate drop opportunities.

Operational efficiency, particularly into and out of the United States is absolutely critical. And the more elements that the forwarder has under their control the more effective and secure your air supply chain will be.

The effectiveness and security of Norman Global and our US partner’s operations is highlighted by AEO and C-TPAT accreditations.

The process starts by securing the best possible rate.

Our air freight teams in the UK and US work with shippers to find the ideal blend of service, rate and transit to get their cargo to destination on time and at the best possible US air freight rate every time.