How many are you in the office nowadays? And how big will you be? A client asked me the other day

Since we started soon nine years ago in Hong Kong with one office and three staff members we have more than 10x growth and still picking up the pace.

That our team is growing is for sure make me happy and proud, but not really the most important.

Utmost important, however, is that our clients and partners are satisfied. This fact is the only reason why we can keep growing and on the way to the next targets!

All our team members are a part of the “NGL Body”, and we intend to deliver a service that is a bit out of the ordinary, to do that a complete team is needed, operations, finance, sales, customer service, IT, development and so on.

Just like our own body is not the result of 650 separate muscles doing their own work, but actually, when working together it’s the fantastic result like one big muscle in 650 parts working together for the same goal.

When we walk or run, all muscles work together for the actions to happen, with an efficient organization it is the same. All the members need to work together and move at the same time to make the result.

Working with our team shall be a difference – we should deliver something extra!