Operations have resumed after Typhoon Lekima hit Shanghai, Ningbo and nearby cities.

The typhoon, one of the strongest in China, has caused the cancellation of flights and vessels, with port operations suspended in the port as well, resulting in delays for ocean and air freight.

Over 3,200 flights were canceled over the weekend, with terminals and airlines now striving to catch up with the schedule.

Our operations team are checking the progress of NGL consignments and will update for the planned status of your shipments.

Operations in ports and terminals were halted during the typhoon, with some vessels forced to delay berthing or departure, or omit port calls entirely due to the bad weather.

At present the terminals are putting the highest effort to catch-up the backlog. Our team are checking the situation and will update for planned status.

For questions/bookings, please contact us directly. We will be happy to serve and assist you.