It is typical for small business owners and sole traders to manage their shipping process. And typically there will be parts of the process that will be totally bewildering and frustrating, which this short series of ‘case studies’ is intended to diminish.

If you are tired of all the opaqueness associated with forwarding and and you just want things to be simpler, we’re here to help.

Our first case study focuses on the smaller, eCommerce trader, who will be potentially dealing with multiple global deliveries, at the same time as they are trying to grow a business……………..

Mary Anderson is an online fashion retailer on the Amazon platform.

With customers all over the globe, she has to handle multiple daily shipping orders, and each shipping mistake is costing her money, time, and most importantly, customer trust.

What can she do to save shipping cost?

A. First and foremost, timing.
When Mary’s businesses first began, she got many shipping orders. There were occasions where delivery timing results were misjudged, leading to product delays and unhappy customers.

Recommended steps:
√ Get shipping quotes minimum one month before shipment date
√ Evaluate freight rate quotation and organize shipment accordingly
√ Calculate export and import time
√ Work closely with freight forwarders

B. Insurance
Mary has unfortunately experienced goods being stolen during shipping processes.

Recommended steps:
√ Review insurance options
√ Know what type of cargo for import/export
√ Understand potential insurance policies especially on coverages
√ Read special provisions carefully, i.e. when goods are not covered

a female warehouse worker looks to camera whilst holding a pallet truck handle . In the background a female colleague is seen checking inventory

C. Freight Rates
Small shippers like Mary often opt for the lowest freight rates – but there were times when her packages did not arrive in one piece.

Recommended steps:
√ Research logistics company background
√ Test company customer service level and responsiveness
√ Find out customer reviews
√ Check with logistics contacts about shippers’ recommendations

D. Shipping regulations
Mary shipped all over the world. Her biggest pain for shipping was when her goods were stopped and held by the country’s customs.

Recommended steps:
√ Check merchandise requirements necessary to pass country borders
√ Prepare all shipping documents
√ Discuss with trade lawyer about the country’s regulations
√ Keep abreast of the country’s trade laws and custom requirements

E. Packaged Goods
Mary’s worst nightmare was when her customers told her goods were received damaged.

Recommended steps:
√ Check packing size and suitability
√ Explore different options (i.e. cushion) to avoid damage
√ Consider solid material for heavy items
√ Learn regulations about packaging materials, i.e. wood

F. Label
Incorrect address labels lead to returned packages, resulting in higher shipping costs and increasing the potential of goods being damaged.

Recommended steps:
Find reliable logistics partners
Double check address labels
Know labelling requirement for various countries

We help shippers like Mary save business and operation costs and be successful.

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