On the 20th of July, MSC Gulsun, the world’s largest container vessel docked at the world’s largest container terminal, Yangshan Deep-Water Port in Shanghai. The ship arrived in Europe on the 19th August after completing its landmark maiden voyage from the north of China.

The 400-metre long, 61.5-metre wide ship started its maiden voyage on the 8th of July, sailing from Xingang port in China to North-western Europe. It carries a maximum capacity of 23,756 TEU or 224,987 tons. The high-tech vessel transports cargo on the Asia-Europe trade, operating a next-generation smart dispensing system and exhaust gas cleaning system.

The vessel serves several of the world’s biggest container ports, this time the world’s biggest container port is Shanghai, Yangshan Deep Water Port, handling more than 42 million TEU in 2018. Designed with automated handling equipment, the Port handles 6.3 million TEUs by advanced machinery including bridge cranes, automated guided vehicles and rail-mounted gantry crane for loading and unloading.

See the press release and more on MSC’s site – https://www.msc.com/gbr/about-us/new-ships